Ethics in Romanian Cinema

“To Act or Not to Act: Ethics in Romanian Cinema” is a film festival organized by the Pittsburgh Romanian Studies group in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute (New York).

It aims to highlight the thematic congruence of post-1989 Romanian movies, which deal with ethics in times of crisis, individual and collective responsibility, the relationship between Eastern and Western Europe, globalization, immigration, and local affiliations. The festival benefits from the support of the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and the graduate studies programs of Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Jewish Studies, and Russian and Eastern European Studies, the Department of History, and the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly of University of Pittsburgh.

The event will open with a panel discussion on how Romanian filmmakers reflect on the crucial need for equitable judgment in a period of post-communist transition when value systems are undergoing major changes. The festival will include screenings of feature films, short movies, and a documentary, which dwell on the difficulty of making ethical choices that heavily affect the lives of others.